Yoga is Margot’s first choice for integrating brain function and body action for the health and vitality of both. She teaches integrated, moving vinyasa flow yoga to all ages and experience levels. Her students often comment on the quality of her voice and how it helps them find a peaceful space for their yoga practice. Her gateway to yoga was recovery of whole body fitness after a significant ski accident and subsequent surgeries. Recovery is not linear and she had many stops and begin again moments on her path to having a regular yoga practice – this makes her very understanding of others with similar stops and starts to their exploration of yoga. Margot brings her scientist curiosity and knowledge with her to the yoga mat and uses brain research and trauma informed yoga practices to help her students find relief, confidence and calm in their practice. Margot is the daughter of a veteran and teaches to this population out of appreciation for their service. She is a co-Founder of Comeback Yoga, has been teaching since 2014 and is active on the Board of Comeback Yoga in every imaginable capacity.


Program Director, Teacher

Kelly Wulf is Comeback Yoga’s Program Director. Her job entails doing a lot of everything to keep a fledgling non-profit moving forward with focus, enthusiasm, energy and attention. Kelly is a Colorado native with deep attachment to the military derived from the service of her grandparents and husband. She has interviewed veterans for an award-winning film, has a Master’s Degree in European History, has traveled widely and is joining us from her position as Assistant Director at a small non-profit organization in Denver. When Kelly is not keeping Comeback Yoga running smoothly, she is volunteering her time to animal rescue efforts in the Denver metro area, spending time with her own pet family and practicing yoga to keep it all in perspective. She loves teaching yoga to senior veterans. 



Glenna is a respected and long-time contributor in the Colorado community with a focus on education and not-for-profit service. Most recently, Glenna served as the President and CEO of the Colorado Education Initiative, whose mission is to accelerate educational improvement and innovation throughout Colorado. Glenna led the organization through strategic alignment and planning ensuring a strong foundation from which to continue the organization’s position as a leader in the Colorado education community. In addition, under her leadership, the organization secured a 3-year $9.75mm grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Ned is Co-founder of Comeback Yoga.  He started teaching yoga at the Denver VA Hospital and has loved his involvement there ever since.  Ned is also a student of yoga and is interested in the topics of trauma informed yoga, neuro-plasticity, brain research and imaging and attachment theory in early childhood development.  After becoming a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and completing more than 200 hours of additional yoga and related continuing education, Ned has taught more than 300 trauma informed yoga classes at the Denver VA Hospital facilities. Yoga classes taught by Ned are inviting, easily done by a variety of physical abilities, and fun.  He strives to provide a safe, relaxing and open environment in which to practice.  Students appreciate his emphasis on breath practices, body to mind connections and movement with breath poses.  His classes focus on the student’s attention to the present moment, becoming aware of one’s physical body, and practicing choice. 



board member

Elaine is a Comeback Yoga Board member and the initial underwriter of the Marcus Bateman Scholarship Fund. She is a Colorado native, yogi, semi-retired businesswoman, mother and grandmother. Her contributions to the Board and its Committees are numerous.